We are making the lecture slides (*.html) available, as well as notes for you to bring to class to annotate (*.pdf). All source code files for the lecture materials are available at the repository https://github.com/jdstorey/asdslectures.

Week HTML Slides Notes
1 week01.html week01_notes.pdf
2 week02.html week02_notes.pdf
3 week03.html week03_notes.pdf
4 week04.html week04_notes.pdf
5 week05.html week05_notes.pdf
6 week06.html week06_notes.pdf
7 week07.html week07_notes.pdf
8 week08.html week08_notes.pdf
9 week09.html week09_notes.pdf
10 week10.html week10_notes.pdf
11 week11.html week11_notes.pdf
12 week12.html week12_notes.pdf

The materials from the lecture slides will also eventually be included in book format at https://jdstorey.github.io/asdsbook/.